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Billing and Accounts Receivable Management

We go the extra mile to achieve your business objectives.

In today's managed care environment, the reimbursement system is tilted heavily in favor of payers and insurance companies, who often complicate and prolong the payment process. That's why we go well beyond the standard data entry and claims submission steps to speed up your reimbursement. As a part of our do-it-right-the-first-time policy, we subject bill ing to a thorough reconciliation process, making sure all charges are accounted for and all claims are complete. We access an electronic claims submission clearing house for a better turn-around time for payment, and when required, we meticulously go through all payment system edits to resubmit claims.

We then follow up with prompt processing of all secondary claims to collect any remaining balances. As a part of our service, we contact the patient or insurance company, either in writing or by telephone, for collection of balances that are 45 to 60 days old from the date of submission.

Management Advisory Services

We evaluate and improve your billing procedures and performance

Since our company's inception, we've been building our expertise through firsthand experience in physician practice management. Over the years, we've accumulated a wealth of information encompassing the complete gamut of health care management and reimbursement issues. Based on this Knowledge, we bring bottom-line value to our clients through our evaluation and improvement of their office and billing agent performance and procedures.We help our clients implement our recommendations through our onsite and off-site training and support programs designed to ensure their all-around practice success. For those who are about to make the difficult transition from medical school to private practice, our advisory services can make the difference between early success and costly first missteps.

We help you through difficult partnership and negotiation issues

In today's continuously evolving reimbursement environment, mergers and acquisitions have become an important business strategy. We help our clients navigate through difficult partnership issues such as equity valuation, buy-in, buy-out, retirement terms, and group governing policies, to arrive at a win-win solution for all parties involved. In terms of their strategic importance, no less critical are managed care contracting issues such as the economic impact of fee schedules, provider obligations toward plan enrollees, and claims processing mandates, just to name a few. In these and other areas, our negotiation skills and knowledge of reimbursement issues involving both the provider and insurance company come to the fore. We have been recognized for our leadership in contract negotiations by some of the largest independent practice associations in our region who have selected us to represent them in managed care and PPO contract negotiations.

Back-Office Support

For our hospital-based physicians, we offer a complete range of management support services. Our back-office support services include, but are not limited, to:

For those clients who use a third-party billing agent, we also provide compliance plan review of all critical elements of the billing and collection processes.

Our continuing education programs enhance quality assurance.

We relentlessly measure our performance to assure ourselves and our clients that we are providing the most efficient and cost effective services. We devote a wealth of resources to extensive continuing education programs for our employees, and we access comprehensive library resources and external programs to keep us abreast of the constantly changing health care reimbursement environment. In all we do, we hold true to our mission statement, which emphasizes ethical treatment in all our dealings with clients, their providers and patients.

We believe in relationships.

At New Horizon, our corporate philosophy is to build long-term relation ships with our clients through hard work and excellence. For us, the ultimate reward lies in the genuine recognition that comes from being able to make a real difference for our clients - a difference that will last not just for today, but one that will withstand the test of time